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I have used this app often and it is fab. Have saves money and have avoided the need to search for a parking spot.


Found the app when going to a cubs game to find a cheap spot and it worked great! Used it again when in Chicago and again no problems. Just pull the information up on your phone and it's super easy. Just booked my 3rd spot for a Cubs/Cards game in St.Louis. Super easy to cancel a reservation if needed also.


My sister was driving and we were racing from a performance in the suburbs to a rehearsal in Center City, Philadelphia (we're professional musicians). Traffic. No time to find parking. I had used SpotHero in NYC and it was great. But this time, it really saved us. I booked as she drove, we pulled into the garage (easy to find the closest one to our rehearsal), ran to our rehearsal and arrived just in time. No stress, saved money, saved time. Thank you SpotHero!!